Important Questions Often Overlooked When Hiring a Moving Company


Any company with a good reputation and experience in helping people execute seamless small moves may be your number one choice if you're moving furniture or other personal/official belongings. But different people have different reasons for liking a specific moving company. So when you take time to interview a prospective mover, it's important you ask questions that address your own situation rather than just general circumstances.


Here are a few vital questions to help determine if a moving company from is right for you:


How Safe Will My Furniture be in Your Hands?


You expect furniture to be prone to damage during loading, shipping, as well as unpacking. So, it makes sense to find out the measures that a mover intends to put in place to prevent damage to some of your delicate belongings. For example, will the company wrap the furniture to protect it? Where applicable, can they disassemble furniture pieces for safer and efficient storage?


How Long Will it Take to Complete the Task?


You can plan well about your move only when you're sure about how long it'll take for the crew to pack, load, ship, and unpack your belongings. The duration of time will also affect the final bill especially when you're paying by the hour. So, find out what the delivery schedule is for your consignment. The size of the crew will certainly impact the delivery schedule.


Do You Screen Your Relocation Crew?


Any stranger that's coming to your home must be of a good professional reputation. That's why the best small movers are in the practice of checking their employees' past professional and criminal records before hiring them. The person you talk to before deciding must guarantee to bring on board only personnel of excellent integrity and reputation.


Do You Have Any Specialty Experience?


There are certain moving scenarios that require specific skills and experience on the part of the service provider. For example, moving furniture from or to high rise buildings and by elevators is not akin to traditional apartment moves. If your situation requires specialized skills and competencies, let the moving company know upfront, otherwise, any needed extra men and special equipment may result in surprising extra costs for you.


As you examine the qualifications of a potential small moves company, be sure to seek answers that address your specific scenario. You'll avoid a lot of disappointments and unnecessary costs by reaching an understanding about your transportation needs long before you sign up for anything.

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